Writing and mark making set, Montessori inspired

This set provides a fun, hands on way for young children to develop their mark making and letter formation skills. 

This set includes-
 A full set of  lower case alphabet cards, 
4 blank cards,
a box of sand,
a brush,
a lolly stick,
a feather quill (colour may vary) and
a wooden box with magnetic closure.

Children work through the cards, copying  the letters in the sand. They can use their finger or try using one of the include tools. By using different tools children will naturally realise that each one requires a different amount of pressure to be applied for a mark to be made, helping them to develop skills which will help them when they start writing with pens and pencils.

The box of sand is removable so , it can be swapped over depending on the user being left or right handed or  it can also be used outside of the wooden box completely.  Children simply shake the box of sand to start again or they can try to swish the letter away with the brush.

The letters on the cards are in a font traditionally used in the Montessori method of education. The consonants are in red and the vowels in blue.

Everything fits neatly into the wooden  box ensuring that the items are kept safe when not in use.

wooden box measures- 15cm x 12.5cm and is 4cm tall

Writing and mark making set, Montessori inspired






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