Snake habitat  and life cycle loose parts kit

This treasure box is full of loose parts that will enable young learners to create their own snake themed masterpieces and stories while learning about the life cycle of a snake and the different  types of habitats that they live in.
This set includes:
fabric leaves
glass pebbles
coloured wooden  mini sticks,
wired ribbon,,
bamboo canes,
reindeer moss,
real snake skin shed,
wooden slices,
wooden lizard,

large branch,
mixed  wooden beads,
mixed gems,
river stones,
metal bells,
larch cones,
bamboo rings,
3 small snakes,
1 long snake,
 natural reeds,  
 wooden flowers and
a dried cocoa pod shell

Additionally, the set comes with a frog life cycle card matching sequencing cards, along with 3 vintage snake image cards to inspire and spark imagination. 2 snake camouflage cards -one in the jungle and one in the desert and lastly, a card depicting a carpet snake, the variety that the snake skin shed came from. 

The snake themed treasures are all housed in a square box with a transparent lid which makes it easy for small hands to rummage through and to keep everything safe when not in use. 

This set is great for building fine motor skills, developing concentration and encouraging exploration. The variety of loose parts enables children to create a wide range of snake habitats along with making stories around the lives of snakes. 

Snake habitat and life cycle loose parts kit






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