Make a shape educational game

This is a simple yet wonderful resource that helps children develop memory power, build concentration, and hone fine motor skills while encouraging creativity.  It also helps them to learn about shapes, colours and numbers.

This wooden box is filled with 120 mini wooden lolly sticks, a dice and 3 sets of cards. The kit can be used in a variety of ways-

Using the solid  shape cards children can copy the shape outlines paying particular attention to the position of the sticks and how they join together to form a shape. 
Using the second set of cards children can try to copy the shape outlines, looking closely at the colour of the sticks that have been used.
The third set of cards can also be used as guides to copy but, to make things a little bit more challenging try getting children to create the shape without looking at the card (turn it over face down)  Children can then check to see how well they remembered.  This can be quite difficult to do at first but, will become easier with practice.

There are six different colours of sticks and 20 of each making them ideal for sorting, sequencing,counting activities and other number work. -Roll the dice and find a card with that many sticks or make a shape with that many sides...the possibilities are many!

The cards and wooden sticks are all housed in a solidly built wooden box

**This item contains small parts so should not be given to children under three or those who still put things in their mouths. **

Wooden box measurements -  15 cm long x 7.5cm tall  and it is  7.5cm wide.

Make a shape educational game






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