Alphabet  educational game . Magic mix that encourages letter recognition.

This is an easy to use resource that is fun and engaging for young children.  Centred around a pink  bowl full  of magic mix children get to swirl up the blend of petals, feathers, rabbits, unicorns, birds, gems and other surprises before fishing out the letters using tongs or  their hands. Before they do, they might like to swish the magic wand and sprinkle some sparkles!

The aim of the activity is to encourage letter recognition in a hands on way. The set contains a wide mix of materials making it a great sensory activity that entices children to delve in and explore.

This set includes-
 a pink bowl,
a wooden spoon,
wooden wand,
fabric petals,
wooden unicorns,
silver bells,

wooden rabbits,
fluffy feathers,
wooden birds,
mini eggs,,
fabric flowers,
glass pebbles,
a frog,,
a bottle of sparkly sequins,
wooden butterflies and
a complete wooden  set of the lower case alphabet.

In addition there are 26 letter cards that can be used for matching games and four blank cards that can be used for mark making and letter writing practice.

bowl measurements - 18.5cm wide and 8.5cm tall  
letter measurements- approximately 5cm tall depending on the letter

Alphabet educational game . Magic mix that encourages letter recognition.






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