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Why use page borders?

Page borders may seem a bit unnecessary at times and if budgets are tight, perhaps not worth the printer ink but, they can also be a useful resource to have up your sleeve for a number of reasons:

  • They encourage creative writing and discussion. Our free dog themed page borders always start a discussion about pets among our English language students, which is great for developing their conversation skills.

  • I find that children take more care over their writing when using a page with a border rather than just a page in their book.

  • They help unify a project for example, our Egyptian themed borders come in a range of styles so that they can be used for artwork, writing and sticking things on allowing for the whole project to be nicely coordinated.

  • They are easy to use with little preparation. The decorative borders focus the learners mind on the topic and act as stimulus for independent writing or drawing. All that is needed is for you to give basic instructions or a title for example- 'you are stranded in a jungle and need to make a camp for the night, draw and label the items you will need to do this'. The free jungle animal borders below are more exciting than plain paper and hint at the dangers that might be found hiding in the jungle.

  • When displaying work they help pull everything together, creating a nice finish where the theme is immediately obvious.

You can get the page borders mentioned here and many others from our free resources page.


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