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Around fifty years ago there lived a man called Edward Tingatinga. He came from a poor, farming family in a place called Tanzania. Life was hard and he decided to move to the city and find a job. He worked as a gardener and things were shuffling along until, the country got their independence and his employer went back to the UK. It was a difficult time for everybody as the country adjusted and lots of people became unemployed including Edward..

Wondering what to do, Edward noticed people from Zaire selling paintings along the roadside to tourists and saw that they seemed to be doing well. He decided to try and paint something himself ...he was thrilled to sell it straight away and began painting more and more. He used old ceiling tiles and bicycle paint to create his paintings. Tourists loved his work because it was brightly coloured and showed traditional African animals and flowers. It was also very easy to fit into a suitcase!

As time went on Edwards work became more and more popular, he was able to work full time as an artist and even took on apprentices to learn his style of painting. This style of painting became known as Tingatinga art and versions of it are now made all over Africa.

Our young artists looked at Edward Tingatinga's artwork and his life before creating their own Tingatinga inspired pictures. Some wanted to use the same wild animals and others chose to create works that included more domesticated creatures. To emulate the shiny bicycle paint look we painted a thin layer of white pva glue over the pictures and let it dry.

To grab your free worksheets and templates simply go to our free resources page, scroll down and click the image to start your download. There is also a free PowerPoint presentation (download here) which works as a nice starting point to any Tingatinga art class.


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