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New school year, new goals!

September has always been my favourite month, the start of the new school year! The chance to get new books, pens and's the time of year that is bursting with newness, it's a brilliant opportunity three quarters of the way through the calendar year to have a fresh, new start and that means.... setting new goals!

As kids get back to school (whether at home or in a classroom) it's the perfect time to begin instilling a growth mindset, to celebrate current achievements and help those in your care, plan their goals for the year ahead. It's a time to encourage children to believe that with hard-work and persistence they can achieve anything that they put their minds to.

You could do this type of thing with a simple discussion but, I like my learners to commit to their goals by putting pencil to paper. This also makes it much easier to review their aims regularly and check that they are on track to achieving them. If you do this with your children or would like to start this year you might like our free 'All about me' shield activity.

As children fill their shields with their achievements and special traits they give recognition to how far they have already come and recall the many things that they have learned to do with hard work and determination. From this positive mindset children then move on to thinking about their learning goals for the year ahead, what will they work towards achieving this school year?

Once the shield has been filled in it can be coloured and decorated. It can be hung up on a wall or stored away but it should be looked at regularly by the maker so that they can review their goals and remind themselves of how special they are and of what they have already achieved. This is particularly useful when things aren't going so well and self-confidence is dwindling.

We all have those days when we need reminding that achieving takes time and that failure leads to success. To help you and your learners with this we have created a set of 4 free, downloadable posters to encourage positive thinking and a growth mindset.

You can grab your free shield worksheet and poster set from our free resources page -scroll down to the bottom and just click on the images to start your downloads.


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