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Lubaina Himid inspired art

Lubaina Himid is a British painter of mixed Zanzibaris and English heritage. Her artwork tells the story of black cultural history and aims to reclaim identities. in 2017 she became the first black woman to win the prestigious Turner prize.

Today our young artists looked at one of her paintings entitled 'Carpet'.

Carpet by Lubaina Himid 1992

When this painting was exhibited at Rochdale Art Gallery in the north of England the exhibition brochure included the following description:

'Patterns, colours, cloth flapping, beating in the wind. Robes wrapped against the sun and the cold of the night. Fabric highly coloured, woven, sewn together. Umbrellas tents canopies flags banners. The patterns on the cloths hold the clues to events'.

After looking at the painting and thinking about what each coloured shape or fragment of fabric might have started off as our learners touched and looked at different fabrics. This time considering not only what the fabric pieces might have come from but, what they could be turned into and the events that they could be part of ....."the white lace could be made into a wedding dress and be part of a day that will be remembered forever"

After sketching their ideas our young artists then went on to create their own versions of Lubaina Himid's 'Carpet'.


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