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Hanging lanterns- free template

Inspired by the brightly coloured lanterns found in the souks of Morocco and Turkey these paper decorations will brighten up any setting. Perfect as Ramadan decorations but equally lovely for a party or just because....

These lanterns are easy to make using our free printable template, felt tips, crayons or colouring pencils and a glue stick.

You will need six lantern outlines to make one lantern. There are two to a page so print out 3 pages for every lantern you want to make.

The nice thing about these lanterns is that the whole family or group can get involved in making them, doing a few sides each and mixing them up all together.

After the sides have all been coloured in, cut them out.

Then fold each side in half lengthways so that only the reverse is visible.

Gather six folded sides together and glue one on top of another.

Finally, glue the two remaining sides together and pull the lantern into shape. Carefully snip off any edges that have overlapped.

Make a hole at the top of the lantern with a hole punch and thread a ribbon through to hang.You may also like to add some glitter or gem stones for some sparkle!

The free printable template is available in two colours - black and gold and they are both available here.

Have fun with it and share your creativity with us #artylingua


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