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FREE creative space art journal for kids

'My creative space' is an art journal that has been especially made for children. It contains 30 different art prompts that are designed to stretch imaginations, build self confidence and get children thinking creatively.

The journal has been made so that any age group can use it. Prompts will need to be read out to non-readers but aside from that, the activities can be completed by all.

The aim is not for children to rush through the journal but, to spend a little time on it each day over a few weeks. Doing art activities creates balance, promotes mindfulness and reduces stress and anxiety. In these challenging times this journal provides a creative space for children to explore their ideas, share their thoughts and express their emotions.

Children are encouraged to decorate and use the journal in any way they want, they should take ownership of it! The activities do not have a wrong answer, it is all about children being enabled to explore their own creativity and individuality. Special equipment is not needed to complete the book, something to colour with is all that's required. If felt tip pens or paint are used be careful that they do not leak onto the next page.

The pages of the journal have been ordered so that the style of activities are spaced out however, it is not important that the journal is worked through in this order. If a child prefers to flip through the book and pick a page that inspires them at that moment then this is what they should do.

To download your free 'My creative space' journal click here and scroll down the page.

We would love to see how the journal works for your children so, please share their creativity with us! #artylingua

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