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DIY bug hotels

This is a great activity to get children to think about insect habitats while having some creative fun!

For each bug hotel you will need:

an empty tin,

yarn or ribbon in different colours,

glue stick,


plastic bottle (opaque ones like a milk bottle give a nice finish but clear plastic works well too)

sticks, leaves and other natural materials.

Begin by simply tying a piece of yarn (about 1 meter long) around the tin. then, continue wrapping it around, pushing it down as you go to make sure the tin is covered up.

glue the end down to the tin and add another piece of yarn and wrap around as before.

Continue this process until the tin is completely covered.

Tie some extra pieces of yarn around the middle of the tin, these will be legs and look nice blowing in the wind.

Next cut some wings out of the plastic bottle and attach them with glue. If you have a hot glue gun then use it to speed the process up otherwise wait until the glue dries before continuing the next steps.

Now fill the tin with sticks, leaves, twigs and other natural materials you think insects would like to live in. The tin needs to be packed full so that things won't fall out.

Finally, tie a string around the centre and hang it from a tree or if you prefer, place it somewhere on the ground. After a while you will see bugs making use of your hotel!


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