Early years English

Our Early years English programme has been developed especially for young children that are learning English as a second or other language. The course has been designed by qualified teachers and specialists in early years education. It has been rigorously tried and tested by hundreds of young learners and we are proud to say that our unique approach not only enables children to learn English at a young age but that it also develops their fine and gross motor skills, encourages creative thinking and builds self confidence. Children LOVE to learn the Artylingua way!

The programme, which is aimed at children aged 3-6 years is a complete three level course with introduction, expansion and consolidation along with review and assessment phases throughout.   

Our  programme offers young learners an exciting way to learn a new language that is completely natural. As  children enjoy fun and engaging activities they will learn English as native speakers do along with developing many transferable skills that will support them on their journey into primary school and beyond. Children who follow this programme not only become confident users of the English language, they become creative thinkers, problem solvers and lifelong learning lovers.

Each child that starts an Artylingua course is given an education  pack filled with fantastic materials that will inspire them to learn and enable them to reach their full potential. Children will enjoy using their resources again and again.



On completion of each level children will be awarded a UK certificate of achievement. This is to recognise their hard work and effort, to encourage further learning and to boost their self confidence.

Certificates detail the work covered and can act as evidence of a child's prior learning. 

Running the programme in your setting

We want as many children as possible to enjoy learning English  in a fun and creative way so, have made our programme very easy to use. It is suitable for all types of settings from nurseries and community groups to individual tutor sessions. 

We will provide you with a fantastic collection of resources including:

Teacher manuals for each level,

Classroom resources,


Flashcards and

A course guide full of tips and tricks to teach young learners.

Teachers also receive comprehensive training from native English speakers and ongoing support from the Artylingua team.

For further information and to discuss running the Artylingua English programme in your setting contact us today.

Registered office- Artylingua ltd, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London,WC1N 3AX    /   email info@artylingua.com

Operating in the U.K. and Algeria


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