The CREST Awards scheme is the British Science Association’s flagship programme for young people. CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers. Each of these activities counts as one of eight required for a CREST SuperStar Award. Find out more about how you could use these activities to gain a CREST Award at

 It is our aim to enable all children to have access to high quality resources  that are creative, challenging and engaging so, we are thrilled to have had our STEM resources accredited by the British Science Association! This means that children can use our resources to work towards gaining a CREST SuperStar Award and have their achievements marked with an internationally recognised certificate. 


Get started 

The CREST SuperStar Award is aimed at children aged 7-11, to achieve the Award eight challenges need to be completed. Our challenges are all  based on  real life scenarios so that children can easily visualise the problems and then try to think of creative solutions. It is important to note that there are no 'right answers' to the challenges, the aim is for children to be enabled to explore their creativity, try out their ideas, make changes, try again and learn from doing- exactly what scientists and engineers do every day!

We want all children to have the opportunity to learn creatively and reach their full potential, offering accessible resources is one of the ways we try to make this happen. Our challenges are very easy to set up and only readily available materials, that you probably already have at home are required for each activity. 


We understand that some people are nervous about science, believing that they don't have enough knowledge to teach the subject but be assured, our resources are made so that anyone can use them and they come with handy facilitator notes and guidance to help you along the way too!

Made for everyone 

To start working towards a CREST SuperStar Award using our challenges simply download the free resources below by clicking on the images.

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shoe maker challenge.png
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water filter challege.png
crest challenges.png

Once all eight have been completed you can apply for your award through CREST Awards here. 

Our resources can also be used individually and combined with those offered by others too so, if a child has already completed or intends to complete accredited challenges elsewhere perhaps at school, or a museum or through another organisation they can all be added together to meet the required eight to gain a CREST SuperStar Award.

If you need any help with using our resources or applying for an award get in touch with us  and if you do take up our challenges please share the creativity! #artylingua 





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