The Artylingua art appreciation programme

Our unique art appreciation programme was first created to enable our learners to get the most out of art. At Artylingua all of our English classes are infused with art and naturally include discussion about famous artworks and artists along with making art in the many different styles of the past and present. However, we wanted more for our learners. We wanted them to have a deeper understanding of art; to not only see it and do it but, to  have a special appreciation for it too. So, we created this hands-on, easy to use programme to do just that!

As you know, it is the Artylingua way to enable all children wherever they are, to have access to high quality resources and be enabled to learn creatively. For this reason we have made our entire art appreciation programme available as a resource that can be downloaded anywhere in the world.

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The programme, which is divided into 7 stages offers children the opportunity to view and consider over 100 paintings from various countries in the world covering the years from .... to ..... The programme is structured so that children naturally want and need to look closely at the artworks in order to complete the activities. In doing so they cast a critical eye over the work, absorb deeply what they are looking at, form opinions and ask questions. As children progress through the programme not only do they learn to fully appreciate art they develop the transferable skills of inquiry, concentration, patience and observation.

Our art appreciation programme is  based on a blend of educational theories, though much of it is  Montessori inspired. Maria Montessori advocated that one of the ways to demonstrate skill and knowledge was by having the ability to classify material into categories  so, some of the stages of our programme are based around this. She also believed in the importance of having a mixed age range within a class. All of our workshops and English classes are mixed age groups and the benefits are immeasurable. With this in mind, the programme is one that can be used by all children from the age of around 2.5 - 3 years and upwards making it perfect for families and class groups alike (we suggest it is best suited for ages 3-7 however, both younger and older children also get huge pleasure from the materials).  Obviously, all children have differing abilities whether this be due to age or other factors but, the beauty of our programme is that it can be enjoyed by all children wherever they are on their learning journey and it can be pulled out and be beneficial time and time again as they  grow, progress, and develop their skills further. This programme is definitely not a one time use resource!  

The 7 stages

The programme comprises of 7 stages, each stage focuses on one aspect of art appreciation  and aims to develop specific skills that are transferable to all areas of learning. 

Each stage of the programme builds on the skills and knowledge of the ones before it and we recommend that they are followed in chronological order. If however, you are not ready to take on a whole programme just yet it's also possible to do one stage as a single activity.


Additionally, when doing the whole programme with older children the first two stages are often gone through quite quickly. This is because this age group will have already acquired some observational skills and will find the initial tasks easier. If this happens it 

 may seem tempting to skip through to stage 3 but in our experience it is always best to start right at the beginning and work through to the end. 

The resources

The resources within our art appreciation programme all include cards with images of paintings on them, they are labelled with details of the artist, name of painting and the year it was made. All cards can be used together for other activities for example memory games, snap or simply putting the paintings in date order. To ensure  cards do not get mixed up after such activities they are colour coded so that they can be easily sorted out and put away by even the youngest  of art appreciators!

Art appreciation is not about memorising who painted what, it is about understanding art, being able to look at a piece of art and think about it, wonder why and ask questions. To facilitate discussion each stage of our programme comes with 'art notes', providing a paragraph of information about every painting included in the resource. This is extremely helpful for gaining a little background knowledge about the content of the resource and for enabling you, the facilitator / parent to prompt and answer questions without having to do lots of research first.

In addition, each stage of the programme comes with a handy 'painting guide' listing details and mini images of each artwork so that referencing is a breeze. For example, if you are doing a project on Van Gogh you can easily look at your painting guides and instantly know that you can pull out artwork by the artist from stages 3 and 7 instead of searching through over a hundred cards. The resources in this programme are so versatile and will be useful to use as a starting point  in all future art projects and many cultural and geographical topics.too. Learning about Japan? there are traditional and modern Japanese art cards. Studying land forms? there are art cards containing mountains, hills and valleys. The materials included in this programme are timeless and can be used across the curriculum for years to come.

The perfect way for children to really appreciate art.

We know how well our programme works, we see the looks of concentration and deep thought. We know our learners are being exposed to a variety of artists from around the world, we know they are opening their minds and developing skills that will help them in the future across all aspects of their learning journeys and we want you and those in your care to have those  same experiences.too. 


To enable your learners to start appreciating art straight away we are giving you stage one completely free! Simply download it by clicking the image below.

If you already know that you want the complete programme for your learners and want to work your way, step by step through our 7 stages of art appreciation you can do that right now too! The cost of the entire programme is affordably priced at £!2 and for that you will get everything you need to teach art appreciation to all children.

Alternatively, you may like to buy each stage one at a time and that too is an an option. Individual stages can be bought here for £3 each.

If you would like to know more, have some niggling questions or need some help please just get in touch here or via social media! At Artylingua we like to talk and would love to hear from you.

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