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Artylingua is a British Algerian social enterprise that aims to make creative, hands on learning accessible to all, irrespective of social, economic or geographic restraints. 

Passionate about creativity and all that it can do, it is our mission to enable all children to develop their language and personal skills while enjoying the buzz of making beautiful things, enjoying art and expressing their imagination. 


We achieve our aims in a variety of ways-


We offer free, downloadable resources that can be printed and used anywhere in the world. These are perfect for busy teachers, parents who want to give extra support to their children and home-educating families. All of our resources are tried and tested by children. They have been carefully researched and designed by qualified teachers and are made to always inspire a love of learning.

We host creative workshops and courses for children in our local community and beyond. These provide an excellent way for children to explore their creativity using different materials and techniques  enabling them to develop their skills, grow in confidence and feel the wonderful sense of achievement that making things bring. These sessions are also an opportunity for non native speaking children to practice their English skills. 

We have developed a Montessori inspired art appreciation programme which enables children to recognise different artistic styles, artists and famous artworks but, most importantly it is designed to get children to look closely at art, think about it, form opinions and ask questions. This programme can be used successfully with all age groups but, has been made with ages 3-9 years in mind.

In addition, we sell a range of creative supplies and educational resources  that are aimed at enabling children to develop their skills , stretch their imaginations and build self confidence. We are a social enterprise and all profits made from the sale of our products goes towards providing workshops, courses, activities and resources to children in our local community and further afield.  


 Every child has the right to reach their full potential and know the joys of throwing paint and glitter around! 





The founder & the why...

A mother of four, home educator,  early years practitioner and an English teacher Emma is an ardent advocate of learning through play and creative activities.  She has seen first hand and many times over the difference that art and crafts can make to a child's learning experience and personal development. Through Artylingua she hopes to share her knowledge of education and love of  creative arts to enable all children, wherever they are or whatever their ability to enjoy the benefits of learning creatively and reach their full potential.

Our unique art based resources,courses, kits and workshops offer a different way of learning where even those with minimal English and art skills can participate effectively. This builds confidence, increases engagement and provides opportunity to learn in a real and meaningful way.

In a world that is forever focused on speed, achieving the Artylingua way is about enjoying the process, taking time and having fun on the learning journey. Join us!