Creative language learning

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At Artylingua we are committed to helping children achieve their full potential and work towards successful futures. In the modern world it is becoming increasingly important to have an understanding of computer science. Almost all jobs will involve technology of some sort so it is vital that children learn not only how to interact with it but understand how it works too. All of our language students receive automatic membership to TEAM TECH - a monthly club where children  explore technology in a fun and creative way while learning new skills. The club is also a way for children to practice using their English with other students while working on projects as a team.

TEAM TECH is open to all children in the community (not just our language students) and is offered free of charge. Join us now!

We also run a number of fun computer science courses and workshops throughout the year in addition to participating in a variety of regional and international events.  Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know what's on and when.






Get into code.

10 week course for children aged 6-12

When- Saturday

By making games,animations, apps and websites children will learn a variety of programming languages and become confident coders. Students will also develop their critical thinking and problem solving  skills which will help them in other areas of their studies and with life in general.

A certificate of completion is offered at the end of the course.




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