Creative language learning

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The early years between 3-6 are some of the most important years of a childs life, it is when essential skills are learned and lots of developmental stages are gone through. It is the perfect age for children to begin learning a new language!

At Artylingua we have an early years classroom which has been specially designed for young children to learn in . It is filled with fabulous resources for children to explore and be inspired by as they begin their language learning journey.



Early years English

The earlier a child begins learning a new language the easier it is for them. We  have a classroom filled with high quality equipment from the UK and to ensure that our young learners are exposed to authentic English accents our early years teachers are all native speakers. This programme is the ideal way for young children to develop new skills while having fun. Each session lasts for 1.5 hours.  


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Rainbow Playgroup

Rainbow playgroup offers young children an opportunity to develop their language and communication skills through play, Care givers are welcome to stay with their children and it is a good opportunity to make new friends . The sessions last for 3 hours and include a rich blend of arts and craft activities, storytelling, games , rhymes and free play.    The playgroup is led by a UK qualified early years teacher and English native speaker.

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